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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love? I Don’t think so...

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“I Jump U jump”.

Idiom or phrase which I can say almost every couple used nowadays. What exactly the meaning of this phrase? Its a metaphore. When ones do something the other will follow without hesitation, without thinking what are the consequences of their act. They say they do this to show, to proof, to express their love. Call me crazy but that is not love that is complete stupidity!!

love is pure, love is special, love is something you cannot buy, love is something you must earn...
No words in this world can be used to describe the exact definition of love.

love does not give us permission to do anything we want, act without thinking... That’s not love that’s stupid!

Back to the phrase “I jump U jump”, If we love somebody we should not follow them instead we should hold them and lead them to the right path... that is what love all about... think...


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