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Friday, December 30, 2011

IIUM Logo (english version)

1.     The symbol of the Al-Qur’an
This represents the highest source of knowledge, namely the Revelation (Wahyu) of Allah s.w.t which guides and inspired the pursuit of knowledge in the University. The central position of the symbol implies that the University upholds the supremacy of Allah’s knowledge, wisdom and words above all human knowledge.
2.     The symbol of the Ka’bah
The symbol represents:
·         the unity of knowledge and the unity of mankind which Islam propagates;
·         the principle of Tawhid (the oneness of God) as the foundation of Muslim personality, culture and society that the University strives to promote through the dissemination of Tawhid-based knowledge and disciplines; and
·         the concept of ‘Ibadah (service and worship of Allah) as a fundamental rationale of human existence and all pursuits of knowledge in conformity with Allah’s guidance and Shari’ah.

3.     The eight domes pointing in eight directions
They represent the different branches of human knowledge and academic disciplines in the University which spring from the same source of Tawhid and the basis of Revelation. In terms of specialization they point in different directions, but the various academic principles are in fact united by the principle of ‘Ibadah and subservience to the ‘Aqidah (belief), Shari’ah (law) and Akhlaq (ethics) of Islam.
4.     The eight outer domes
The domes represent the various Islamic development efforts of man based on the knowledge and disciplines which are grounded in the common foundation of Tawhid. The development of social life, culture and civilization must therefore be inspired by Divine guidance and true knowledge.

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