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Monday, December 24, 2012

entry 24 Dec 2012 sekitar UIAM Kuantan

iiumk 24dec2012

iiumk 24dec2012

>SRC welfare<

The junction connecting roads to Mahallah Maimunah and Masjeed , and roundabout of kpo to talhah are heavily flooded due to the continuous rain since yesterday.
Things are looking quite risky and dangerous for all IIUMK residents therefore there are a few things we'd like to remind you of.

1. To all car owners, DO NOT park at your own risks. Ensure that your car is parked safely away from flooded areas. Suggestion: side of the main road opposite of Mahallah Talhah.
2. Since it's still raining, we're not expecting things to be better anytime soon. Precaution to pedestrians/those who walk, please avoid from walking at the flooded areas. It's for safety AND health.
3. Ensure the water (source: pipes) you drink is safely boiled as an extra safety measure. Gotta stay healthy for the exams!

1. This is due to a certain mishap at the construction site nearby
2. The lake opposite of Mahallah Maimunah is starting to flood badly as well

So, take a good care of yurself, and stay calm:-) study well for your exam~

iiumk 24dec2012 talhah1
The lake at Tasik Taman Bandar was also flood badly =_=

tasik taman bandar 24dec2012
tasik taman bandar 24dec2012
tasik taman bandar 24dec2012

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